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Historic Buildings & Places works to sustain, defend and promote all aspects of the built historic environment, for the benefit of all. We are one of the National Amenity Societies and are unique in defending buildings and places of all ages and all types. We have a particular interest in everyday heritage, hidden treasures and community favourites.

Under the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, we are consulted by local planning authorities in England and Wales on all Listed Building Consent applications involving an element of demolition, as well as on cases relating to other types of designated and undesignated heritage. We also offer advice on proposed changes to Places of Worship under the Ecclesiastical Exemption and other consent regimes.


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To sustain, defend and promote historic buildings and places of every type and age for the benefit of all.

  • We offer advice and expertise
  • We promote historic places and celebrate them
  • We share our knowledge to influence and enlighten
  • We involve others in our work to deliver our aims
  • We place sustainability at the heart of all our activities


We will work for the benefit of communities to secure a sustainable future for historic places and built environments, celebrating heritage in all its richness and diversity.


  • We take pride in our constructive approach to advice and to problem-solving
  • We share our knowledge and principles with the public
  • We acknowledge diverse views and seek to engage with them
  • We fulfil our duties as one of the government’s statutory advisers
  • We comply with Charity Commission guidance on good governance.

We celebrate what makes historic buildings and places special and use our knowledge and expertise to help to secure a sustainable future for them. We celebrate heritage in all its richness and diversity, whilst acknowledging the need for sensitive adaptation to address the challenges of Climate Change.

Sharing knowledge

As well as our casework and campaigning for historic buildings and places of all ages and all types, we also work to promote and share our knowledge to influence and enlighten. Our annual volume of the Journal of Historic Buildings & Places and members’ magazine, Heritage Now, provide detailed insights into the fields of architectural history and conservation. We also run an annual series of events, covering a wide range of topics.

All of our work is made possible by the valued support of our members, both in the UK and abroad. This allows us to continue to respond to the significant volume of casework we receive each year and to maintain our publications and events programme. Discover more details on how you can join our membership scheme to help us deliver our Mission.

*Historic Buildings & Places is the working name of the Ancient Monuments Society, which was founded in 1924. Download our Accounts and Annual Report 2022 and our 2023 AGM Minutes.

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