Gloucester Malthouse

Upholding Gloucester’s historic environment

The location:

Gloucester generally remains a low-rise city, with the tower of its Cathedral rising above the cityscape and appreciated in long distance vistas from the surrounding districts and escarpment. The Docks themselves make a distinctive contribution to Gloucester’s history and its development in the 19th century as an important inland port. The history and significance of Gloucester’s Docks and the Downings Maltings complex is well documented in The Docks Conservation Area (Conservation Area No. 3) Appraisal and the application’s Heritage Statement. While the proposed tower site is just outside the conservation area boundary, it would directly affect the appearance, character and setting of the conservation area.

What we did:

HB&P was unable to support the application in its current form and registered a strong objection. Whilst we wish to see the next phase of the regeneration Bakers Quay brought forward, the new build elements must not be to the detriment of the significance of the historic Docks, the City skyline, or the remaining listed buildings that form the Malthouse complex. The proposed tower, by virtue of its height and scale, shows complete disregard for Gloucester’s historic environment. Read our full objection here. 

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