Canning Chambers, 1A Canning Circus, Nottingham

Identifying harm to setting of designated heritage assets

The location:

The site contains a two storey building that will be demolished to make way for a five storey building to the rear of Canning Chambers. Historic England has identified the Canning Circus Conservation Area as being ‘At Risk’ and in a ‘very bad’ condition that is ‘deteriorating’. Despite the location and adjoining heritage assets, no heritage assessment was provided and the supporting documentation focused on other new taller developments nearby that are outside the conservation area.

What we did:

We were concerned that the height of the building was excessive and would dominate the much lower two storey Canning Terrace and intrude in vistas to the gateway tower. The design did not help integrate the building within the streetscape, nor did it seek to enhance or improve the character of the CA. Amended plans were recently submitted that reduced the height of the building to that of Canning Chambers – being three storeys, though no additional information has been submitted to assess the impact of the development on the conservation area. The Planning Officer recommendation is still pending. 

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