A new vision for the AMS

Posted: 16 July 2021

A new Vision for the AMS was announced at the Society’s Annual General Meeting on Thursday 15 July.

The Vision builds on the Society’s existing purpose, to “defend historic buildings of all ages and all types” by introducing a new focus on communities and sustainability. This will allow the Society to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to become more relevant to a broader audience. The full version of the AMS Mission, Values, and Vision can be found here.

Giles Quarme, Chairman of Trustees said: “I am delighted that the Society has updated its Vision to become more inclusive and to bring a new focus on sustainability. The Society had its 97th birthday in June and as its moves towards full independence in October 2021, Trustees have been working hard to bring it up to date. More announcements will be made in October.”